Welcome to Netlink Testlabs

Netlink is specialised in support and guidance for financial messaging application vendors and banks. .

Why Netlink Testlabs

Software Vendors

You are a Financial Application vendor and your application requires Swift Certification – we can help you end to end – from simply providing access to Swift ITB right through to helping configure/adapt your systems/applications for Swift connection
Existing experienced Swift vendors as well as innovative Fin-Techs are welcome

Financial Institutions/Banks

Test/familiarization/train on new upcoming features on Swift ITB without any risk of disruption to your production systems
plug a temporary gap support alongside your internal Swift team/Swift service provider who for any reason will not be able to attend to an issue in the time needed.
Test backup/disaster recovery scenarios away from production setup with connection to Swift ITB

What is the SWIFT CSP?

SWIFT’s customer security programme (CSP) aims to prevent and detect fraudulent activity through a set of mandatory security controls, community-wide information sharing initiatives and enhanced security features on their products.

When is the deadline for SWIFT CSP compliance?

You will have to submit a self-attestation.  You are then required to share your results against the controls baseline with the wider FS community.

What happens in non-compliance cases?

SWIFT will randomly check network members and will report any non-compliant organisations to industry regulators such as the Financial Conduct Authority.

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What happens if I suspect my organisation has been targeted or breached?

It is vital that you share all relevant information and let SWIFT know there is a problem as soon as possible, in order to protect other organisations in the network.

Swift Release 7 Pilot,

Production and Qualification Systems

Netlink is specialised in support and guidance for financial messaging application vendors and banks. Our brief is to provide up-to-date access to Swift before you deploy in your own production environments for proving, testing and validating. Access is by various connectivity options – from browser based URL to drop and receive messages from Swift ITB, VPN, MQ etc- right through to your own self contained individual SAA7/SAG7 environment.
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7.4 is the next major release planned for 2020. At Netlink we are specialised in installations of major releases and patches to SNL, SAG , SAA and SWP.

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Swift has launched CSP – Customer Security Programme which incorporates a number of strategic tracks to combat increasingly sophisticated security threats.

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Netlink STA service provides banks, end users and Swift Support companies a stand-by Swift Competence Center which can work alongside your existing teams ...

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