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SWIFT SME Professional Consultation Services

NetLink provides expert Subject Matter Expert (SME) services for the full suite of SWIFT products. Our SMEs can assist the SWIFT user community and SWIFT Product Vendor Partners with all of their SWIFT technical and functional requirements. Services can range from implementing entirely new SWIFT infrastructure for existing banks or SWIFT onboarding of new banks, to daily operational requirements, and troubleshooting problems with minimal turnaround time. In short, we will provide you with a one-stop shop for all of your SWIFT needs. Our experts can also guide you on upcoming SWIFT upgrades, timelines, and keep you up-to-date on the latest SWIFT and global financial information.

CSP (CSCF v2022) Independent Assessment

Cyber-attacks are growing in number, their modus operandi are increasing in sophistication and attackers are focusing more deeply inside banks.
To combat the ever growing cyber-attack threats SWIFT initiated Customer Security Programme (CSP) for users community. CSP primarily focuses on securing and protecting your local environment, detecting & preventing fraud, finally sharing information with user community for future fraud combating collaborations.

Independent Assessment service is intended to ensure that the highest level of protection is deployed against security threats. It helps in identifying any deviation from SWIFT CSCF v2022, along with subsequent executable remediation plans and testing.

Project Oversight & SWIFT Onboarding Services

NetLink can assist your organization with project oversight to help you with smooth SWIFT services onboarding. We can also assist in all your project requirements involving installation, upgrade, integration of SWIFT application with your back-office or any other project specific requirements.

CSCF v2022 Gap Remediation & Recommendations

After detailed assessment of adherence to SWIFT CSCF v2022, we can assist you conduct a gap analysis with recommendations for remediation.
NetLink can compliment or take task based ownership of remediation work on your behalf or provide supplemental expertise as needed to your internal team to complete the remedial actions.

CSCF v2022 Attestation

NetLink CSCF Team can assist you with the attestation of your organization on the SWIFT CSP portal.

SWIFT Product Workshop

We can cater to your workshop requirements around SWIFT products which can help the team responsible for managing your SWIFT infrastructure better equip themselves to discharge their responsibilities. Our customised programme includes aspects of following but not limited to, SWIFT products i.e. Alliance Access/Entry, Alliance Gateway, SWIFTNet Link, MI Channel, Hardware Security Module, Alliance Connect, WebAccess, WebPlatform, Alliance Messaging Hub (AMH) and SWIFT Security & Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).