STA – Swift Technical Assistance

Testing/Certification on the latest Swift R7.4 platforms


Netlink TestLabs provides vendors and banks access to a fully licensed Swift Test Infrastructure ( Swift ITB – also called VTB – Vendor Test Bed ). The purpose is to provide standardized and customized test environments for development testing as well as certification testing. Our background in Swift Developer Support and Cerfications means that we provide a service from a pure ‘pipe’ or Swift connection, right through to supoort for certification, testing, case management with Swift and developer support.


Connectivity via Browser Based Access

Connectivity via uploading messages via browser to our dedicated PORTAL which allows vendor to upload messages from back office, and receive output, ack/nack and delivery notifications.


Connectivity via IBM MQ/Secure VPN

FTP based access allows vendor to drop messages on a network location within Netlink’s test environment, which will then be exchanged over Swift. Once again , output messages, ack/nak, delivery noficaons are available with
the same mechanism.

Connectivity with Secure FTP Based Access

Connectivity via IBM MQ connects the vendor application with Netlink Test environments directly over secure VPN.
VPN profile is provided by Netlink along with IP/port and QM name to allow vendor application to directly connect with Netlink IBM MQ server.