Testing, Validation, Certification for banks/financial institutions and software vendors

Benefits for banks and financial institutions?

We provide support/assistance in the core technical domains i.e. SAA, SAG, SNL, SWP, AMH, Swift VPN, HSM, adding an additional capability to your internal Swift teams/Swift Service provider.


Netlink is also a Swift enablement/Swift Test facility for vendors and banks/operators of Swift Infra-structure elements. Our DNA is Swift Vendor Support, COE, Swift Interface Qualification, Certification and Validation.


We operate and support both infra-structure ( VMWARE, Networking ) alongside the specific Swift technical expertise required to deploy and manage Swift platforms.

Benefits for Development Teams

Our competence st

ems from considerable experience of the Swift Vendor Specifications.
We assist new and existing vendors through their annual Swift Label accreditation, and are happy to onboard ‘new’ vendors/FinTech’s onto Swift.


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