About Us

Testing, Validation, Certification for banks/financial institutions and software vendors

Benefits for banks and financial institutions?

We are well positioned to provide support/assistance in the core technical domains i.e. SAA, SAG, SNL, SWP, AMH, Swift VPN, HSM. We provide standby support to your internal Swift teams/Swift Service provider.

Netlink is positioned as a Swift enablement/Swift Test facility for vendors and banks/operators of Swift Infra-structure elements. Our DNA is Swift Vendor Support, COE, Swift Interface Qualification, Certification and Validation

In short, our ‘raison de’etre’ is to provide infra-structure and Swift technical expertise to teams developing for Swift.

Benefits for Development Teams

Our competence stems from a deep knowledge of the Swift Vendor Specifications. We assist existing vendors through their annual Swift Label accreditation, and are happy to onboard ‘new’ vendors/FinTech’s onto Swift . We assist development teams developing applications Swift

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